Creativity is Key to your Bespoke Bunting

Bunting Flags for EventsWhen you’re getting thoughts together for an occasion, one of the major arrangement to be made can be the decorations.

The entire atmosphere of an occasion can be improved by having the decorations set to the right note. In case you’re managing a professional event, you’d want to keep your decor simple and professional, where as when you are hosting a private event and are supposed to make the environment a merry one, you would look for bright happy decorations.


When you’re planning for an event, one of the big headaches can be the decorations. The whole atmosphere of an event can be influenced by either having the most fitting decoration or otherwise. If you’re hosting a professional event, you’re not likely to decorate your shop, stall or where ever it is with irrelevant or gaudy decorations that only do harm to your immage . Similarly, if you are in charge of managing a fun event, the last thing you want is the stiff and cold professional look to make the event feel serious instead of happy.

Almost always you’ll find that in every event you manage or are responsible of, you’d end up being unhappy and trying to make the decoration more apt for your taste. So start with planning and some research, think about what you want your place to look like, and keep some fail safe items like bunting and flags in your mind. It’s possible that you won’t find the right items to match your imagination if you just look on the shelves of stores both local and online. What do you do if that’s the case? Take matters into your own hands and design for yourself! Yes and once again, the easiest and most eye catching yet traditional item you can design and get printed to your taste are bunting flags and hand waving flags.

Event Bunting

Bunting is a major embellishment for all occasions, and can exude both traditional values and fun quotient alike . You can see it hung in birthday parties,professional events, festivals and almost all parties and events, specially those with an English flavour, and to say that which party in England doesn’t have an English flavour to it?
Brightly colored triangle flags or national flags and pennant flags are the most common forms of buntings you’d see , there’s another choice you might not be aware of when it comes to designs.

Bespoke Bunting

Scyphus UK lets you have the freedom you need to create the environment you have dreamed of. When you plan to go for bespoke bunting, you should look for a company to work with, that is dedicated to giving life to your vision. Bring your ideas forward and see how you can work as a team with our professional design team in order make your dream come true.

Bespoke bunting is a great option for all events because you don’t have to settle for not exactly what you wanted. You can choose between a variety of different materials, shapes, designs, colors, and sizes for your bunting. While most of these features like shape, design, color and size can be customised to fit your specifications. Product galleries and online research can help you build the idea, but your final product does not have to be limited by what you see in a brochure or at someone else’s party.

Creative Ideas for Bespoke Bunting

Creativity is what makes your bunting better than your neighbours bunting. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Since you will not be the one making the bunting with your own hand, leave it up to the design professionals to put action to your words. Need a little inspiration? Here’s a few clever ways to make the most of your bespoke bunting:

1) Play with the shapes.

Why go for the standard geometry when Scyphus could make you bunting flags of any shape possible? If you really want your bespoke bunting to stand out call for attention, think hard about the shape you want. For professional events, the shape might not be something fantastically out of the regular, but you should consider using a shape that most people don’t see every day on bunting such as circles or even the shape of your product or logo. For example, a soft drink company might like to use a shape similar to a drink bottle. This is a great, obvious way to use your bunting as both a decoration and an advertisement.

For personal use, you could think about adding a dash more uniqueness and vibrance. Use more than one shape, think of all those Skype and other Chat stickers and find your own unique shape, or just choose something that you don’t see around everyday. The point of event bunting is to make the event gorgeous, not overshadow the event by being too obvious, so of course do not blow the size and shape things out of proportions!

2) Creative coloring.

Scyphus does not limit your usage of colors in terms of number or shade. Choose your colours, choose them wisely, there are colours that signify some season, some festival, gender or even age of a person, and selecting the right colour makes your bunting flags even more special. Colored bunting should not blend in with its surroundings, it should be used to create the perfect backdrop to tie everything together nicely. If there is no special idea or theme to work on, simply go for the generic blue and white bunting flags, black and white bunting flags, red and white bunting flags or even the simple white bunting flags, you’d see how they accentuate the surrounding and add some dynamism and freshness to it.

3) Spice up your logos.

Logos are obvious for professional events, tells everyone about who you are, who the sponsor is, or other things of this nature. Advertisement is important and your bespoke bunting could be doing this for you without costing you much and can cover the entire place without being overburdening. Make the logo into something eye-catching that will have people remembering it even after the event is over.

4) Picture this.

Printing images onto your bespoke bunting, in professional events, products, discounts, and sales bunting are most common way of spreading the message and arouse interest where as in personal events, photos of the people involved make for a personal warmth around the event.

5) Themes.

Combine all the above suggestions to create something centered around one theme. Christmas tree shaped bunting in seasonal colors with your sales pitch or logo on it, flag styled bunting alternated with pictures of the person or people who’s special day you are celebrating, or pizzas printed onto circle and triangle bunting for the grand opening of a cafe are all good examples of creating themes for your bunting flags.


Bunting Flags should be working for you, not just hanging around idly. Take it in your own hands and design the perfect bespoke bunting to be used at your event! This is the best way to make sure that every decorating detail turns out exactly like you pictured it when you started planing the event.