Ditching Reusable China Mugs? Here’s Why You Need to Have Your Restaurants Switch to Compostable Paper Cups

Do you use compostable paper cups? With health risks using reusable mugs, you would want an equally sustainable alternative. You would also not want efforts to contain the virus to supersede care for the planet. There has to be some balance.

It took a lot of effort having people ditch single-use plastics for sustainable cups. The war on plastics is too far from ending. But the investment incurred is worth rethinking your restaurant’s packaging.

We Were on Course to 100% Green Packaging! Then the COVID-19 Pandemic Struck

Pre-COVID-19, compostable paper cups, reusable mugs, bottles, and tote bags had become routine. Cities around the globe were spending day and night to fight single-use plastics. Policies to ban plastic products such as straws and bags were passed in many cities.

But somehow the COVID-19 pandemic threatened all these years of efforts within weeks. Within two weeks of lockdowns, plastic packaging has flooded malls, cafes and stores. Even a brand as big as Starbucks was not accepting reusable mugs from customers.

Compostable Paper Cups; the Alternative to Reusable Mugs and Single-Use Plastics

There’s more need for biodegradable packaging products now more than ever. Wonder why single-use plastics are resurrecting everywhere? The focus on reusable items was a step in the right path. But it shut most businesses eyes about the reality of the monster we were fighting.

Eradicating single-use plastics would not be a walk in the park. We needed enough alternatives apart from reusable mugs to ensure sustainability. Compostable paper cups and items can help bail us out of the plastic crisis. But more domestic manufacturers need to come into the industry to boost supply.

The overreliance on imports for most products almost crushed the UK economy. COVID-19 lockdowns forced supply chains into a standstill. The heightened demand for online deliveries meant opting for the simple way out. That’s returning to plastic packaging.

Compostable paper cups or items have a massive potential to provide reliable packaging. The renewability of its raw materials means we can achieve a stable supply. Scyphus continuously focused on green packaging amid the supply chain crisis seen in 2020.

Reasons to Shift to Compostable Paper Cups Today!

Coffee is a mood booster we rely on to psyche up for the day ahead. Pre-COVID-19 stats showed the averages person consumed not less than two cups of it.

Sure, the stressful lockdowns would only prompt more intake of this anxiety-quelling beverage. That would mean more waste churned out per day, especially with coffee chains switching to single-use plastics.

Why brands would do with a more sustainable alternative is something we must talk more about. Here are reasons it makes all sense to shift to compostable paper cups instead.

Soaring Waste from Single-Use Plastics

The COVID-19 pandemic forced an increased use of plastics. Restaurants banned reusable china mugs for fears of contracting the virus. Disposable facial masks also increased the amount of waste heading to the environment. The UK alone discards over 53 million face masks daily, causing a frightening mess.

Pre-COVID-19, most businesses focused on reducing waste and environmental pollution. But plastic waste was still unmanageable despite many recycling schemes coming up. Come the pandemic; the refill schemes could not operate smoothly. Some were paused because of the acute fears on the spread of coronavirus.

Environmental campaigners and community groups raised fears about the rapidly increasing litter. As you can guess, there was too much waste in our landfills. And the heightened demand for single-use plastics rubbed salt to the wound.

We all need to be very conscious of the materials we are using in our businesses. We can’t allow plastics to cause an inhabitable place for future generations. Instead of disposal face masks, why would we not adopt the reusable ones? We know most single-use plastics are unrecyclable. It shouldn’t take us ages drifting to compostable paper cups.

Keep Your Customers Safe; Compostable Paper Cups Safer than Reusable China Mugs

What is safer between reusable china mugs or compostable paper cups? Honestly, it can confuse, especially when thinking about reusable mugs. Before COVID-19, the research found reusable mugs to contain tons of bacteria.

With this in mind, when the virus attacked, most restaurants would avoid reusable mugs. The coffee cup encouraged the spread of the virus from the customers to coffee shop servers. Most cafes would then request customers to use disposable coffee cups.

As the pandemic led to more waste into the environment, a new study came up. Scientists said restaurants could safely use reusable mugs if they used high-class hygiene.

See, cleaning mugs can’t get rid of all the germs. Most restaurants are using bowls to take the cup from the customer and fill it without touching it. This can be cumbersome and still unsafe.

Scalding coffee may even spill and injure your server. A safer and sustainable option would be to use compostable paper cups. You can reduce the risk of spreading germs and still ensure your waste impact remains low.

Provide Customers with an Eco-Friendly Option

Are customers OK with the increasing plastics entering their homes? A new study shows 54% of customers will feel happy if they play a part for the environment. British customers would spend £3,654 more for sustainable goods and services.

Environmental issues have also become more important for most people during the lockdown. 81% of British adults are becoming more concerned with the plight of the planet. Meanwhile, 50% of the respondents said they are using less plastic and recycling more.

See, no doubt customers would want to be more sustainable. They want to spend more. You can build trust by showing leadership and doing the right things. Educate them more on recycling processes and sustainable measures. Still, remember to drop single-use coffee cups for compostable paper cups.

What Makes Compostable Paper Cups Ideal for Sustainability

What makes compostable paper cups any different from conventional disposable coffee cups? The detail is in the sources of wood, insulation and manufacturing methods. At Scyphus, we use FSC/PEFC paperboards hence promoting sustainable harvesting of forests. We use the compostable plant-based filament made from sugar cane. The food-safe inks and paper boards ensure the final paper cup is free from toxins.