Do Food Napkins Affect Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop Growth?

Napkins serve a dozen purposes in any dining experience. Customers will need them, regardless of what you’re serving. They signal the start of a meal, catch crumbs and come in handy when coughing, sneezing, or wiping the mouth.

If you run a restaurant or a coffee shop, you must understand the core value of napkins. There are many things customers consider when in your restaurant. They note every detail, from customer service to cleanliness to meal presentations. And napkins show how you regard customers.

Why Napkins are a Crucial Element in Your Coffee Shop or Restaurant?

Add Style to a Table Setting

Napkins enhance your restaurant’s beauty. They add colour and styles to table settings. Make sure every table has napkins to spice your interior decor.

More, the styling grips incoming customers, makes them more connected to your business, and add aspects of class. Customers will surely notice the right choice of napkins.

Customers want to meet or dine in places that create memories. And napkins create a stunning environment that they will want to experience daily. So, the better your styling, the more clients you can expect in your coffee shop.

Keep Customers Clean

Customers visiting your coffee shop expect first-rate treatment. They hope to stay clean and keep their attires flawless throughout the day. So, no unexpected spillages or snack crumbs falling on their attire.

Napkins create a welcoming environment that is homely and beckons customers to sit in their desired place.

Napkins etiquette promotes good table manners. Customers might feel out of place if they lack or find cheap napkins in your coffee shop. Well set tables contain a quality display of table napkins and cutlery.

Send a Message

Branded paper cups are now a mainstream marketing tool for coffee shops. How they support branding and attract sales is incredible. Napkins can also get branded to support advertisiing and marketing.

Customers interact with napkins from the moment they enter your coffee shop. Including special messages and brand names on napkins will win their attention.

Remember to use varieties of colours, designs, and types that can send your statement faster without physical marketing.

Well, designed napkins can be used in digital marketing. You can share the images online or on social media to show prospects your business’’ brand name and details.

Napkins Create Perceptions 

Material, type, and napkin design can influence how customers view your brand. Poor designs will put off clients and cause declining sales.

Customers take into account environmental impact, quality, design and pricing when using napkins. Meaning, napkins with negative features will taint your brands’ image.

Customers will view your brand as inconsiderate and uncaring if you do not comprise what they perceive as right in your napkin styles.

Symbol of Ambience

Napkins symbolise cleanliness and ambience. Placing clean or white towels in your coffee shop shows clients you observe top hygiene standards.

Show a Brand’s Stand

You can buy linen, paper or disposable napkins. Each napkin type can tell your brand’s stand. You can use them to show concern for the environment, innovation, or customer focus.

Paper napkins are popular with food trucks, ice cream parlours, pizzerias, bistros, snack bars, food restaurants, and many other small-sized food joints.

Top class companies Naked juices UK, Google, Honda, Bacardi, YouTube, and mid-sized restaurants use biodegradable paper napkins and paper cups.

Napkin’s visibility can reinforce a brand’s image, contribute to style, and add consistency to your message. If you go for biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable napkins, it becomes easier to market your brand.

What to Consider When Buying Napkins

Napkins, if well used, bring forth benefits that lead to more customers and sales. However, there are factors you must consider maximising their impact.

Napkin Material

Napkin material determines usability, branding, user safety, and environmental impact.

Linen material is biodegradable and recyclable but might be costlier than biodegradable paper napkins.

It can also be hard branding linen napkins because of cost and the need for embroidery specialists.

Branding with paper napkins is super easy because of the ease of printing using safe and water-based inks.

Branded or personalised paper napkins fit all events from dinners to spas, to the restaurant, to parties. et.c.

Wedding planners prefer using paper cutleries, paper cups, and paper cake boxes because they can dispose of them fast.

So, instead of going for linen, they use paper napkins to create uniformity and balance during a wedding.

Supplier Capacity

You require a regular and consistent supply of napkins.

Ask yourself several questions to determine whether your supplier can meet demand.

  1. Can your supplier be available to cover unexpected shortfalls?
  2. Does your supplier have the team to brand or style napkins as desired?
  3. Is your supplier a one-stop solution for your business’ needs? Can they supply take away containers, paper cups, ice cream cups, paper sleeves, or food boxes?

Suppliers who can deliver many orders will save you from customer disservice. Also, if they can design and supply all required packaging products in your restaurant. They will save you the cost and time of searching for different manufacturers.

Buy online or offline

You can buy napkins online or offline Buying napkins online gives you access to varying designers and merchandise.

You can secure discounts, price cuts, coupons, or customised designs because of online vendors’ flexibility.

Buying online enables you to save time. Just make your order and await delivery right to your doorstep.


You’re in business to make profits. Therefore, don’t buy napkins at a price that cuts down a huge chunk of your profits.

Do your research well to find a napkins supplier that will offer coupons, discounts and a fair price.

Analyse all costs and quality before buying. And compare and review multiple manufactures to find a better deal.

Poor quality, bad customer service and slow deliveries hurt your business indirectly.

Napkins influence interior decor and customer’s perceptions. Proper usage will lead to more sale and business growth.

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