Enhancing environmental sustainability and what can be learnt from scyphus

Increased destruction of the natural environment has led to numerous negative consequences that include climate change, global warming,harm to animals and plants,and depletion of essential natural resources. As such, there have been increased calls and initiatives to ensure environmental sustainability as a mean of ensuring the survival of the current and future generations.Environmental sustainability is the responsible interaction with the environment to minimize or avoid the degradation and depletion of natural resources while allowing for environmental quality in long term.Although much has been done on raising awareness on the essence of environmental degradation and the benefits of its sustainability, much has not been done in real practice, whichcalls for different stakeholders including governments,environmental activists,businesses,communities,consumers,professionals and researchers to collaborate in creating the most appropriate way to address the menace of environmental destruction.There are some initiatives that are being undertaken to ensure environmental sustainability such as those taken by Scyphus in manufacturing their products and engaging in activities that promote environmental sustainability.

The causes of destruction of the environment

There are two major causes of environment destruction and these are human activities and the natural causes.The natural causes include wildfires caused by issues such as volcano,storms,tidal waves,quakes,and avalanches.The natural causes can cause physical alteration of geological features,completely destroy the habitats of animals and plants and can lead to introduction of obstructive species in an environment.

Human beings are the biggest culprit of environmental destructionand have continued to destroy it through deforestation, pollution,landfills,overpopulation,industrialization,urbanization,uncontrolled farming activities,and wars and conflicts.Basically,the human activities pose the biggest threat to the environment with the long term impacts such as climate change and threatens the survival of future generations.

The effects of environmental destruction

The UN high level panel on threats, challenges and change has warned that the degradation of the environment is among the top ten threats.One of the negative effects of environmental degradation is harm on animal and plant health. Air pollution causes respiratory illnesses to both animals and humans, while the acid rain caused by gases such as sculpture destroy the plant.Water pollution that include dumping of heavy metal causes diseases such as cancer while plastic bags and other materials block the gills fish,affecting their ability to breath. Plastic bags are dumped in water bodies prevent the sunrays from penetrating, which impacts negatively on marine plants. Land pollution such as irresponsible dumping of waste especially the non –decomposable ones affect the quality of the soil, its aeration and the plant cover.

Climate change is one of the significant effects of environmental destruction. Emission of greenhouse gases causes global warming that leads to melting of arctic and alpine ice and leads to flooding in some countries such as India. Given that forests bring rain,deforestation leads to desertification and destroys the water catchment areas leading to reduced level of water in the waterbodies.

Destruction of the environment is costly to governments and company when developing strategies to restore the environment through processes such as cleaning the waterbodies,re-afforestation and the harm caused to the health of people such as diseases. Further to this, catastrophes such as droughts and hunger are expensive to the governments in the effort of addressing the aftermath of environmental destruction.

Initiatives to facilitate environmental sustainability

Although initiatives have been undertaken to combat the degradation of the environment,much needs to be done to ensure that full environmental sustainability is attained.The main initiatives should include raising awareness,setting laws to deter environmental degradation,supporting organization that have adopted policies and practices that support environmental sustainability,setting punitive measures against environmental degradation,supporting green initiatives and standards such as eco-labelling,and organizations and members of public taking personal initiatives to support environmental courses.

What to learn from Scyphus environmental sustainability initiatives

The need to conserve the environment and ensure a clean earth has been the basis of scyphus developing new innovations. There are several sustainability initiatives that scyphus adopts in developing its products and hence,they offer a superb platform for learning about environmental sustainability initiatives.

Scyphus manufactures biodegradable packaging bags as a means of ensuring environmental sustainability.The bags once used and disposed,they can decompose into organic substances,indicating that it has no effects on the environment compared to other single use plastic bags that pollute the environment.In this case,the company strives to ensure conservation of the environment setting a good example for other manufacturers of packaging bags that they have a role in contributing towards environmental sustainability,particularly on responsible dumping practices.Furthermore,the company manufactures biodegradable coffee cups that can easily decompose thereby minimize water and land pollution,which further highlights the responsibility of the organization towards the environment.Further to this,the products are SFC and PEFC certified,highlighting the effort of the company towards attaining the eco-labelling and green standards.

Scyphus adopts sustainable utilization of natural resources which is vital in reducing irresponsible use of resource,avoid waste and ensure that the waste resources are put in good use.For instance,the ground coffee waste is used for bio fuel, highlighting the effort of the company to efficiently use the existing resources as a mean of ensuring environmental sustainability.

Why Scyphus products

The contemporary consumers have become environmental conscious and hence, they are forcing organizations to adopt environmental friendly practices. Scyphus has made bold initiative to ensure environmental conservation and effective use of resources as a mean of ensuring that the environment is kept clean and that it support efforts that guarantee the current and future generations. Therefore, purchasing the scyphus products will support the company’s efforts to attain environmental sustainability and reduce the detrimental impacts caused by the degradation of the environment.