France bans Plastic Disposable Soup Containers from all eateries by 2020

deli-containersThrough a recent law passed by France, plastic Disposable Soup Containers (Ask for a Quote) and cups and spoons and everything plastic, is being banned from France effective 2020. Any plastic to be used henceforth has to be biologically sourced and has to be 100% compostable.

This law is a part of the Green Power initiative and is being hailed as seminal by environmentalists across the world. While packaging industry group Pack2Go, a Brussels based organisation of European Packaging industries is not taking it lightly, and has vowed to fight a long legal battle against this law, and would see that this doesn’t spread to other European nations too.

They say that this sends a wrong message to people, who could be misguided to believe that it is legal and safe to litter paper products since they are compostable, and thus increasing the chances of uncontrolled littering.

We think, this is a step in the right direction, paper cups lined with PE is not 100% compostable,but bio paper cups are, PLA or bio plastic coated paper cups and boxes are 100% biodegradable/ compostable and 100% recyclable, and are the best alternative to plastic containers, bio products are the future, let’s aim at becoming 100% bio paper users in the coming decade.

Go branded in a better way, branded disposable soup containers look better, feel better and have a better printable surface at your disposal for branding. At the same time, these containers are environment friendly in several ways, firstly the paper used is sourced from farms that are certified by FSC or PEFC, and are lumbered from sustainable forests only, and secondly, the PE coated cups are 100% recyclable and 99% compostable, where as the uncoated or PLA coated ones are 100% biodegradable.