Leaving EU has not affected our trade relations in Europe – #Brexit

The early Brexit hullabaloo being over, and GBP for a while settled at around a poorer than before but steady 1.3 USD, we thought of reassessing our business status in EU, we have been receiving business request as usual from our major buyers viz. France, Germany and Denmark, but we expected a fall.

Well, for us, the initial skepticism over the future of our market across Europe seem to have waned off we must admit, and it seems that it’d stay like this for the entire window of leaving the EU formally and renegotiation of trade deals.


No bad vibes, no staying away from ordering paper cups from UK seen so far, “at all”.  business for us, as we tweeted earlier, is as usual with France, Germany and other EU countries.

Branded Paper Cup quotation requests are flowing in as usual, or at times feels like has improved upon earlier month on month average, but that’s just a statistics based on a small window of peak season, we haven’t tried to compare data over a range to validate this claim.

So a quick assumption could be that although Brexit is affecting the Banking and Professional Services industry, since being outside EU would reportedly present them with legal obstacles and prevent them from operating freely as consultants across Europe, the UK Manufacturing Industry would be more than happy to have the deals renegotiated.

Although most pro EU analysts  are eagerly pointing out that this Finance services industry accounts for a larger chunk (12%) of the GDP than the industrial sector, but for the sake of more independence for everyone, the City industry needs to strike a deal with the EU on their terms without affecting Brexit, and they have that skill and experience. UK Manufacturing need the boost of better access to its own native market and the ability to negotiate terms with the rest of the world without being weighted down by the baggage of other industrially weak EU members.


For us, the medium to small industries, brexit augurs well, since brexit has made English businesses look inward, and we are seeing a sharp spike in orders from English businesses that would earlier look at East Europe for cheaper manufacturers of Branded Paper Cups, that would have been all right with us if that was a business wise decision, most people were looking at East Europe without even doing a fact check! without even caring to know that, in UK, manufacturing is cheaper than the rest of Europe and people from all over Europe buys from us, and still makes a profit after paying for shipping!

What an irony! but brexit has made them aware of British Manufacturing and that is a boon indeed!

Reshoring of manufacturing is happening, what else can be better!

However, this article on Guardian is worth a read if you are interested in how UK industry will keep up with Brexit.