PE Coated Paper Cups are not the quintessential villain, even if they are not as angelic as PLA or Bioplastic Coated Biodegradable Paper Cups are

Printed Paper CupsAn article on Daily Mail has pointed out correctly that although there are around 2.5 billion recyclable paper cups that are trashed every year, only 6 million of them are actually recycled. The rest of them find their way in Asian landfills.

The article also goes on to point out how the society as a whole is failing when it comes to gearing towards efficient recycling of paper cups. Where the article digresses however, is where it makes an effort at painting a grim picture that bests suits the reader as well as an approach that gives the reader immediate guilty pangs.

There might be nothing wrong with that but offering a clear explanation regarding this issue is also of utmost importance. The reader is then able to get a clear picture of this issue.

“To begin with, besides the thin PE coating, paper cups are 99% biodegradable.”

Paper Cups Production Waste Generation and ManagementUnlike plastic which stays in landfills forever, paper cups eventually decompose. Again, paper cup companies just like us, send out paper trash to recycling companies who are in turn very eager to receive the trash since their revenue depends on the process’ end product. The more you keep supplying them with paper trash therefore the more you put smiles on their faces. Bins are available at all our facilities, shipping and manufacturing units, print shop, warehouses; almost in every corner of our factory. These bins are specifically placed there for paper cups.

Recycling companies like Viridor pick the cups for recycling. The companies are usually very eager to collect the paper cups as it is what puts food on their tables. What we need to do therefore is to just make this happen for them daily.

There are a number of challenges encountered when it comes to recycling of paper cups. These include municipal barriers in many cities. A significant change in behavior could change a lot.

“Just a few non-recyclable items like food in a bin render the entire bag unrecyclable.”

For the process to be successful therefore, landlords, local municipalities, baristas, customers and businesses have to unite to keep paper cups out of landfills and non-recyclable materials out of recycle bins.

Whether or not our paper cups have a chance of rebirth largely depends on where they are thrown away. Just as we are contaminating the air with carbon dioxide, so are we filling up the ground with rubbish.

“Take away paper cups are taking up unnecessary space in these giant landfills which is an issue we all need to rethink.”

“Paper Cups are valuable raw material if trashed uncontaminated”

We have proven that the cups are accepted as valuable raw material by recycling companies which tackles and scales the waste problems. We should therefore be careful when disposing off these cups just the same way we are careful with rising carbon dioxide levels in the environment.

In addition, Scyhpus is gearing towards a unique 100% green and biodegradable alternative to PE. We are moving from PE towards PLA soon. As you can see, it is not that difficult or dangerous. All we need to do is to unite and trash sensibly. The rest is purely for recycling companies to care about.

So to put it in a few words, YES Biodegradable Paper Cups are 100% Biodegradable and 100% Recyclable while PE Coated Paper Cups are 99% Biodegradable, but they too are 100% Recyclable, it only asks you to put it in recycle only bins instead of throwing it in a general trash bin or even worst on the ground.

So people who still are using PE Coated Paper Cups, do not die immediately under the pressure of immense guilt, they are not as dangerous as being projected, but yes, once again, try shifting to Bio Cups next time, if possible.