Popcorn Box – lightweight packaging, convenience meets smart

Do you remember if you had popcorn the last time you went to watch a movie or attended a promotional event?

Did you ever wonder why popcorn buckets are so unnecessarily? Have you ever thought it would be nice to pass the popcorn around to someone without having to lock it in your seat.Well! if you answered “Yes” to the above questions, chances are you are tired of using the tubs and need a better and smarter popcorn container. That is where these lightweight paper foldable popcorn boxes are all about, and these are becoming more and more sought after each passing day.

These popcorn boxes are made of paper board and are die cut into foldable shapes that when folded and pushed along the edges, take the shape of a box, a temporary box that can hold lightweight food stuff like popcorn easily and are easier to manage, carry and deliver pop corns in, being very easy to fold and light weight which does a much better job than it’s predecessors.

At Scyphus, we realize we need to provide a lot of variety with all our products. Our Popcorn boxes are no exception. These boxes are available in many sizes thereby giving customers more options to choose from.
Another important aspect is that we understand that the look of any product can make or break it. Therefore, we design and deliver popcorn boxes that are visually appealing – thanks to it’s full color print. 

The paperboard used in making these boxes are food grade. Moreover, the inks used in printing are food safe too so customers can be rest assured that there is no harm in using these boxes as containers.

One of the coolest things of this box is that it can be custom printed. For instance, if you want to print the face of someone on their special occasion and use it as a container during the event, that’s possible with this box.

No one would be interested in seeing just some characters on the container. Scyphus understands this and has come up with unlimited design options the customers can choose from. Customers can also interact with us to explain their design idea or can request our design team to come up with a winning design. Our experienced and highly professional design team would be able to instantly understand your ideas and come up with a solution within a short period of time.

As we all know, the world we are living in is degrading every passing day with the usage of damaging materials like plastic. That’s why we wanted to make a product that compliments nature. The material used for these boxes are totally recyclable making it environment friendly.

These boxes offer a number of benefits to various sections of people. They are listed below:
Companies These popcorn boxes are becoming very popular and therefore provide a great opportunity for companies to market their brands at events and exhibitions. Customers are expected to use the containers in their personal spaces like homes, cars etc for longer periods of time so it provides ample visibility to promote the brand which can potentially lead to increased revenue. Reports suggest that Micro branding is capable of increasing the revenue multiple times compared to traditional advertising techniques like billboard, TV commercials etc. The best thing of all is the fact that micro branding on popcorn boxes are only one tenth of the price required for branding through other channels.

Customers Customers would be able to benefit from the light weight of the box. Moreover, it is very easy to fold so it can be crushed and trashed easily thereby keeping the environment clean. Above all, it’s simply comfortable to use thereby increasing customer delight tremendously.

Theater Companies Theater companies would be able to think of more innovative ways to reuse the space that was reserved for popcorn tubs/buckets. This could lead to better customer experience and in turn lead to popularity and revenue for the theater company.
Popcorn Suppliers Delivery of pop corns have been so far carried out in tubs/buckets. With these new boxes, suppliers would be able to deliver more orders in short time. This can result in higher customer satisfaction due to the short turn around time.

These popcorn boxes are super hit with party planners and theaters. There are a number of other scenarios where these boxes can be used including club based events, business events/meetings, personal or group events and promotions. We currently have customers all over United Kingdom and the European Union. And, we are constantly on the lookout for new global markets.

WHY SCYPHUS? Since we have in depth expertise in printing cups for a number of years and have been highly successful, it makes us one of the best candidates for manufacturing these types of boxes. We are able to leverage the knowledge from printing cups and apply it to these popcorn boxes. As a result, customers would be able to enjoy using a high quality product.

As you can see, these popcorn boxes with their valuable features and a number of benefits are the way to go. There is huge potential for a number of people to be positively impacted.So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to popcorn tubs/buckets and start using these popcorn boxes instead.