Printed Paper Cups are the Future of Brand Marketing

With so many restaurants opening these days, competition is at an all time high. Making an impact from the start is crucial to the survival of your business, and if your business has already been running for a while, you know that staying afloat is hard work. Any restaurant owner also knows that marketing and branding are essential to bringing in a steady customer base, but large format marketing like ads, billboards, or commercials can be prohibitively expensive, especially in the beginning stages.

We believe that the best solution to this conundrum is micro branding. Micro branding is simply building an identity for your business by paying attention to the details – the little things that will help customers remember you. Fortunately, there is an easy, fun, and cost effective way to micro brand your business right now: printed paper cups!

Micro branding is the key to reaching the maximum number of potential clients with the lowest cost, and putting your brand on your packaging materials is the most simple and effective way to achieve that. If you already use to-go cups, by switching to printed paper cups a sizable amount of your marketing budget can be rolled into the money you will already be spending on packaging for a few pence more! You are effectively getting free advertising, and advertising with a huge reach. Think of how many people might see your brand on printed paper cups as they moves through a city in one hour. And not only that, it is seen on a more personal level, unlike a printed ad. Multiply that by ten, twenty, or even thirty or more printed paper cups in an hour and you are looking at a huge reach… and for a service you were already providing!

You can take a hint from the big guys. Even large corporations benefit from micro branding. You will rarely see an airline, hotel, or gas station to name but a few that do not use printed paper cups for branding. It’s proven and effective. So where do you start?

Think of the Options

You might only be imaging the standard issue printed paper cups that most coffee chains use (which you should too!), but there are lots of more options. You can combine micro branding with many functions of your restaurant or business to really maximize the bang for your buck, and have fun doing it. Using your logo and color pallet on your own printed paper cups can open up a world of new customers.

Starting with what we know, printed paper cups for coffee are ubiquitous, and that’s because they work. Virtually anyone can recognize a chain brand from seeing a cup across the room, and you can create the same brand recognition for your business by using your own unique color pallet and logo. You don’t have to be a coffee business of course… printed paper cups work for all beverages from iced colas to a hot cuppa. Depending on your needs however, there are varying levels and styles of insulation to make sure your customer’s hands and mouths stay happy! You can choose between single wall, double wall (for added insulation), or single wall with paper sleeves. Finding the right printed paper cups for your business is simple. Just don’t forget to order the appropriate top quality sip through lid so those beverages stay hot.

Beverages aren’t the only thing printed paper cups a great for… not even close! Bespoke printed pasta cups, soup cups, and food bucket cups can hold a wide array of foods. We all know the feeling when we see our favorite pizza box show up, and your customers should feel the same way when they order delivery, take-out, or have their food packaged to-go with your business. Customers will not only think of your delicious food, but also your brand when they look at your packaging! Also, plain, white Styrofoam is not the lasting impression many people would want to have associated with their business, and it’s terrible for the environment!

Aside from the regular printed paper cups, we have specialty items for you to bring a little more fun to your packaging with. Our coupon printed paper cups are great for promotions or for prizes. There are many fun ways to use the printed tear-away labels, and you can get as creative as you like.

If your business sees a lot of parents and children come through, our crayon coloring printed paper cups are a fun way to engage the whole family. The coloring printed paper cups come with stock line drawings of shapes and animals for children to color in with crayons while mum and dad eat as quickly as they can!

If your business serves ice cream or uses cup based vending machines, then there is something for you too. There are micro branding options for practically any business, large or small. And if you are not quite at the point where your business I ready to brand, we also have a wide selection of pre-printed deli style printed paper cups to match a variety of themes. There’s no shame in that – in fact, it’s one of our hottest products!

Eco-Friendly and Top Quality

Now more than ever people are concerned with their environmental impact, and we are no different. All of our printed paper cups are 100% recyclable and made with raw materials only from Forest Stewardship Council or Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification accredited mills to ensure that our products are completely sustainable. You and your customers can feel good about keeping styrofoam and unnecessary plastics out of the garbage. Not only that, but our products are made from a minimum of 300 gsm board to guarantee that you are always getting the best quality. If that weren’t enough, our products are also100% UK manufactured in Northampton. You are getting unrivaled European quality for an unmatched price!

Get A Quote Today

Hopefully by now you realize that printed paper cups are an unbeatable option for any business to get their brand out there. Contact us now to request a quote and you’ll see how cost effective it is to micro brand your business. Stop wasting money and turn your packaging into low-cost marketing for your business! You can’t lose.