Scyphus brings more smiles to popcorn boxes consumers!

Scyphus Expands Services, adds Popcorn Service to Events and Trade Shows by Renting Popcorn Machines and all accessories

Popcorn! A highly versatile snack that easily blends with other ingredients, offering an explosion of flavours. It’s the star growth performer compared to other savoury snacks like crisps, nuts and candy.
Recent studies indicate consumers are no longer going for the cheese and onion, or the great salt and vinegar crisps. They are ditching their traditions and opting for popcorn for health reasons and other just to have the “popcorn experience”. The Popcorn board even created the National Popcorn day that is observed annually on January 19th.

Popcorn is steadily evolving from being used in headdresses during the Aztec ceremonies honouring Tlaloc, the god of maize and fertility in the 16th Century. The Cracker Jack (a classic mix of popcorn, peanuts and molasses). Popcorn all year round at the movies and today, popcorn at corporate events, weddings, fundraisers, birthday parties, and anniversary.

The exponential growth of the popcorn industry and the changing attitude towards popcorn bore a good business idea for Scyphus limited. Scyphus ventured into the popcorn market by offering distinctive products and services to the popcorn consumers.

Scyphus, a Latin name for the cup, is for decades the leader in the branded paper cup and accessories industry. A 100% United Kingdom manufacturer of paper cups. The company is also popularly known in other European countries for its high-quality paper cups and allied products, at affordable prices.
The prestigious company is taking another courageous step by positioning itself in the entertainment industry. The new course involves supplying popcorn machines for hire, and finger licking good fresh popped popcorns packed in exquisitely branded popcorn boxes. The idea is incredible and will instantly spice up your event.

Why popcorn boxes?

Popcorn tubs are bulky and outdated. Why not come up with a modernised alternative? The popcorn boxes are customisable; you can choose your preferred colour to rhyme or blend with the party theme. The lightweight boxes come with quotes which you can use to market your brand. Moreover, the popcorn boxes are easy to carry, easy to store, easy to manage. Scyphus is merely making everything easy.

Since popcorn has revolutionised from the slow romance of the cinemas, and into the favourites of party planners and fast food joints Scyphus is adding flavour and excitement into it. The popcorn machines are eye-catching and at strategic spots in the event. The smell of fresh, scrumptious popcorns wafting in the air at your event will be irresistible.

The Popcorn boxes are personalised with features like:
• Full-colour print up to eight colours
• Unlimited design options
• The popcorn boxes are made of paperboard with food grade polyethene (PE) lamination, and you can recycle.
• Available in any size
• The ink used is food safe
• The boxes are environmentally friendly
• As a client, Scyphus gives you an opportunity to add different quotes to the event giving you an exclusive opportunity to raise brand awareness with their logo featuring on the box.

Scyphus is aware Britons are health conscious and are running from the microwave popcorn that is full of chemicals. The company addresses the concerns of UK consumers by using all natural colouring and flavours and adding natural sugars like honey and agave syrup.

Their freshly popped popcorn is healthier and varies in some calories depending on the toppings. Chocolate, bacon, butter, caramel and cheese blend perfectly with popcorn but contains more calories. However, topping your popcorn with spices and herbs such as cayenne, rosemary and thyme make it heart friendly.

Popcorn is ideal for dieters as it is high in fibre, it is nutrient dense and curbs cravings. Air popped popcorn is gaining more preference as it contains only thirty calories per serving. Popcorn makes it a perfect snacking for everyone.

Enjoy your popcorn by mixing it up with salt and butter, moulding it into a candied ball tossed in nuts and chocolate, or you can have it plain. The innovative flavours are exotic and others quirky but are sure attracting young consumers. The atypical tastes will undoubtedly continue to attract the interest of new consumers.

Trends come and go, and popcorn bars at weddings is the current hot trend. Spice up your celebration by delighting your guest with the delicious snack. Presenting the popcorn with the customised popcorn boxes will add more joy to your ceremony. The Scyphus Company through the in-house team, can print Thank You message, a monogram or any message and help you choose a design that will match your wedding.