Scyphus launches new 6oz and 7oz vending cups to add to its existing Printed Paper Cups product range

Scyphus, one of UK’s top disposable paper cups manufacturer, has just announced that it will launch two new premium printed paper cups to cater to the ever growing demand for takeaway beverages in contemporary European Culture. This move is the culmination of extensive survey of the coffee business which revealed that the 6oz and 7oz vending cups, both single wall cups, are what the coffee industry is looking for at this moment. The usual double wall cups don’t suit the requirement of a vending machine where the coffee being poured can’t be as much as a 12oz coffee cup can hold but can’t be as small as a 4oz espresso cup either. In the vending system, often free and accessible inside an office or similar establishment, the problem is that a very large cup often results in wastage of coffee, where as too small a cup makes the customer feel cheated. The 7oz tall and narrower than usual cup is the perfect solution to this problem, since 7oz is a comfortable quantity while the tall design makes it look larger than it actually is.


Scyphus will be launching the new disposable cups during the first quarter of 2018.



The plastic cups that were once the mainstay of vending machines, are being phased out due to their environmental impact. UK vending systems are mostly vending hot drinks using disposable paper cups. According to the survey conducted by Scyphus, the 7oz/200ml cup is a popular choice amongst customers, representing a better value proposition for both vending operators and consumers.

The cup is just perfect for vending.

Although consumers prefer decent-sized cups, as explained above, with larger cups, most fail to finish their drinks quite often. Then there are those that consider the larger cups as a bit overwhelming and unwieldy.

Scyphus, therefore, designed the new single-wall 7oz paper cup as a mid-sized option. The unique selling point with the recyclable 7oz cup is its compatibility with existing vending machines. This seamless operation results in minimal jams at vending machines.


As highlighted earlier, the survey conducted by Scyphus revealed the need for a wider range of single wall, mid size paper cups. The company thus is launching the 6oz/180ml cup as well. This versatile cup targets most coffee outlets  that serves single shot Espresso, Cappuccino and flat white coffee. These are high quality eco friendly cups as usual, but like all Single Wall Cups, would need java jackets for insulation.

The 6oz cup can also be used for serving mildly cold drinks at schools, offices, hospitals and commercial centres. Scyphus aims to enhance its range of 4oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz using the 6oz cup, using the recyclable, branded cups as one of its top marketing tools.

Keep looking for further updates on this new printed paper cup and for updates on the three new machines, for which new factory floor has been added already.