When should you create a discount coupon for your customers?

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When Should You Create a Coupon for Your Customers?

Many businesses are here today and gone tomorrow because of various reasons. One of the things that determine the success of any business is marketing. As a business, you have to do all you can to attract more potential customers to buy your products and services. To take your business to another level, ensure that you offer your customers with discounts. Through discounts, customers will be more attracted to purchase your products because of the desire to save more money. Through coupons, you can increase your chances of getting your desired results without going through much hassle. However, if you are not going to use them effectively, then it will be more of time wasted. Therefore, it is wise to be very careful before you join other businesses that are using coupons to sell their products and services.

It is good to understand when and how you can create as well as post discount coupons to different customers. The ideal time to create coupons is when you want to provide your customers with a reward. In addition, you can also create a coupon when business is too slow. It is not recommended to create coupons in order to generate more foot traffic to your site. There are high chances that your customers will visit your site only when you have local deals for them. Thereafter, they will shift their attention to other products on the market. The moment your customers are going to become accustomed to the local deals, you might not be in a good position to make more sales regardless of the amount of sales you are going to provide at the end of the day.

When and How to Create a Coupon for Your Customers?

You need to come up with a good plan for your new business before you go ahead to create a coupon for the same. Take into account the number of days your business is more likely to benefit from these local coupons before making your final decision. Try to find out whether your business is going to make loses or operate with a small profit margin. For your business to be successful, you must be ready to invest more money towards product promotion. This will help attract more potential customers to the business in the long run. Through the use of coupons, you will get more people talking positively about your products and services.

Aim at Making Regular Customers

To stand out from other business owners, it is good to reward your loyal customers like you have never done before. These customers not only buy your products and services but also help when it comes to marketing them. If your customers are going to like your products, then there are high chances that they will inform others about them.

Create New Customers

The other way of utilizing coupons for your business growth is creating new customers. After learning the role played by coupons in marketing, do not look down upon any of your customers at any point. Instead, offer your new customers with outstanding coupons so that they find more reasons to buy your products.

Avoid Impulse Shoppers

There’s every chance that you’ll have a customer who’ll just drop by once in  a while. However, it’s advisable not to get used to that group of customers because they’ll only generate some traffic without possibly making any purchases at all.

Next Question is what channel to use to distribute the coupons

There are several options, some prefer using newspaper inserts, leaflets inserted into the folds of a newspaper, some prefer using promoting the coupon in local coupon booklets, you have to look out for a local Yellow Page or a specific Coupon Book that is being regularly published in your business catchment area.

Some simply highlight specific coupon codes in print advertisements or web advertisements, each one of the above methods have its own reach, cost involvement and conversion rates, for example web coupons do not always work for brick and mortar stores, although there are several augmented reality options these days like QR code, but these are not easy to manage, let us now break away a bit and look at a very effective but not so popular option.

Coupon Cups

Yes, don’t you have coffee joints in your locality? not the big ones, the regular corner shops, or coffee vans? these are the most visited place near you, and if you can cut a deal with them, or sponsor a lot of 5000 cups for them, provided they allow you print a perforated coupon promoting your deal on their cups, you effectively reach out more people, not just more people, more local people, people who might be benefited by having your service at their door step.

Often people do not even know that they have a nice service/seller right round the corner and keep travelling far to get the same service, if you can reach your local population, you possibly get a much authentic and eager customer base than promoting yourself to a wider audience as available in a Yellow Pages or Coupon Book or a Web Directory or Advertising Networks!

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