Branding Your Printed Paper Cups

When it comes to promoting one’s business, we have been relying on traditional marketing for years. Traditional marketing may broadly be grouped into these following four categories as defined below.
BUT, most of these are already overused to the extent of extinction.

But branding is an inextinguishable passion, we all want our brand to be there at the top, we all want to promote, so what's the new age tool, internet marketing? or something more tangible? something physical? keep reading. To know why Paper Cup Branding is way better than the traditional Marketing strategies, look further down the page.


billboard A Print Marketing in traditional concept may refer to advertising in paper form like posters, pamphlets, brochures, news paper advertising spaces, newsletters etc.

This advertisement strategy may be refered as the oldest form of advertisement since in ancient Egypt we may found references of this type of print marketing.

In ancient Egypt sales messages and wall posters were being displayed on the papyrus.


tvA Broadcast Marketing in traditional concept may be referred to advertising through TV commercials,Radio commercials.

From various references we could roughly estimate that radio commercials are in action since 1900.

These forms of advertisements are more adaptive to people than traditional Print Marketing.

Direct Mail

mailA Direct Mail marketing in traditional concept may be referred as sending flyers, brochures, pamphlets, printed postcards etc through postal mails.

A small study through internet reveals that this form of advertising may be consider as the second oldest form of advertisement after print marketing as they have been in use since 1888.


callA Telephone Marketing may defined as the process in which a sales personnel delivers a sales message over the phone to convince customers to opt a service or buy a product.

Printed Paper Cups - The Cup goes a long way

scyphus branding
All the media of advertising have their limitations in reach, their primary problem is that they are overbearing, either they are wasting valuable quarter page of your daily newspaper front page, or is blocking your view of the greens with their grotesque "billboard" presence along the highway, or are as menacing as a wake up call or a commercial break.

The only one that stands out, is conspicuous, non-obtrusive and yet highly subliminal is what we do! get your brand on paper cups, bespoke printed paper cups to be precise, and see how it travels, with people, all over the city, without being annoying, without standing out or calling for attention, but attracting the subconscious constantly.

All this at a fraction of the cost and headache you'd spend on a traditional mode of advertisement, even merchandising products and gift items are not as good as this, you can hand out a thousand high class pens with your logo on it, and yet only be cursed by people for destroying their favorite pen! While if you have your brand near the water cooler, on your paper cups, or near the coffee machine or at the canteen, people won't notice at first, but they eventually will, and most importantly, other people who see them holding that cup, surely would!!!

That's why Printed Paper Cups rule.