Biodegradable Paper Cups, Bio Cups

Biodegradable Paper Cups

All the currently available products are going to be available with 100% Biodegradable PLA or Bio plastic Coating in place of the standard PE Coating. Send us an E-Mail query for Bio cups

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  • 4oz Single Wall Cups4oz Single Wall Cups
  • 8oz Single Wall Cups8oz Single Wall Cups
  • 12oz Single Wall Cups12oz Single Wall Cups
  • 16oz Single Wall Cups16oz Single Wall Cups
  • 8oz Double Wall Cups8oz Double Wall Cups
  • 12oz Double Wall Cups12oz Double Wall Cups
  • 16oz Double Wall Cups16oz Double Wall Cups
  • 8oz Cup Sleeves8oz Cup Sleeves
  • 12oz Cup Sleeves12oz Cup Sleeves
  • 16oz Cup Sleeves16oz Cup Sleeves
  • 3oz Ice Cream Cups3oz Ice Cream Cups
  • 5oz Ice Cream Cups5oz Ice Cream Cups
  • 8oz Ice Cream Cups8oz Ice Cream Cups
  • 12oz Ice Cream Cups12oz Ice Cream Cups
  • 20oz Soup Cups/Pasta Pots20oz Soup Cups/Pasta Pots
  • 20oz Food Buckets/Cups20oz Food Buckets/Cups
  • 28oz Food Buckets/Cups28oz Food Buckets/Cups
  • 32oz Food Buckets/Cups32oz Food Buckets/Cups
  • 8oz Coupon Cups8oz Coupon Cups
  • 12oz Coupon Cups12oz Coupon Cups
  • 16oz Coupon Cups16oz Coupon Cups
  • 8oz Vending Cups8oz Vending Cups
  • 12oz Vending Cups12oz Vending Cups
  • 16oz Vending Cups16oz Vending Cups
  • Popcorn BoxPopcorn Box
  • 8oz Deli Cups8oz Deli Cups
  • 12oz Deli Cups12oz Deli Cups
  • 16oz Deli Cups16oz Deli Cups
  • 80/90mm Sip Through Lids80/90mm Sip Through Lids
  • 8oz Crayon Colouring Cups8oz Crayon Colouring Cups
  • 12oz Crayon Colouring Cups12oz Crayon Colouring Cups
  • 16oz Crayon Colouring Cups16oz Crayon Colouring Cups
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Single Wall Paper Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Single Wall Paper Cups
Single Wall Paper Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups are suitable for all hot and cold drinks. They are available fully printed with your own cup design or designed by our in-house design team to your specification.

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Double Wall Paper Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Double Wall Paper Cups
Double Wall Paper Cups

Double wall insulated Hot Cups feature an extra paper layer on the outside of a heavy weight paperboard cup for extra insulation above the poly coated board on the inside.

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Cup Sleeves

Printed Paper Cups - Paper Cup Sleeves
Cup Sleeves

Paper Cup Sleeves for Single Wall Paper Cups are an alternative for Double Wall Paper Cups. They work as an extra insulation on the single wall paper cups.

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Ice Cream Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Ice Cream Cups
Ice Cream Cups

Ice Cream Cups are single wall paper cups manufactured from a minimum of 265 gsm paper boards that provide the required strength, ideal for freezing, keeping your ice cream fresh and yet un-frosted

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Soup Cups/Pasta Pots

Printed Paper Cups - Pasta Pots and Soup Cups
Soup Cups/Pasta Pots

Soup Cups,Pasta Pots are bespoke printed paper cups manufactured from thick 300 gsm board papers for toughness and are double walled for better insulation for hot foods like pasta,soup, sauces and porridge.

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Food Buckets/Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Food Buckets
Food Buckets/Cups

Food Bucket Cups or Popcorn Buckets are manufactured from thick 300 gsm board papers, polyethylene ( PE ) coated single walled, used for serving popcorn, chicken nuggets, chicken wings and similar dry snacks.

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Coupon Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Coupon Cups
Coupon Cups

Coupon Cups are the next big thing in the B2C marketing industry. It is analogous to "check inside the cap" or "check the reverse of the label" used by the soft drink industry.

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Vending Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Vending Cups
Vending Cups

Vending Paper Cups are available both as Single Wall Paper Cups and Double Wall Paper Cups. PE Coated, vending machine specific sizes available in white, coloured or printed with the vendor or sponsor brand logo.

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Popcorn Boxes

Printed Paper Cups - Popcorn Boxes or Paper Popcorn Boxes
Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn boxes are very popular and are available in any custom size required. Popcorn boxes are the most sought for option in popcorn delivery during events and in theaters.

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Deli Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Deli Cups
Deli Cups

Pre-printed paper cups that match your deli store theme and blend in without requiring custom branding is one of our hottest products. Learn more on our printed deli store cups stock and choose the one that matches your requirement.

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80/90mm Sip Through Lids

Printed Paper Cups - 90mm/80mm Sip Through Lids
80/90mm Sip Through Lids

80MM FOR 8OZ AND 90MM FOR 12OZ/16OZ SIP THROUGH LIDS, Our sip through lids are made of top quality PS materials and are strong, sturdy and long lasting.

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Crayon Colouring Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Colouring Cups
Crayon Colouring Cups

Colour Me Cups are stock printed paper cups with objects or animal line drawings for children to color and bring to life.

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About Scyphus

SCYPHUS are the leading UK manufacturer of double wall and single wall custom brand printed paper cups. We use professional printing techniques for achieving the best possible results.
This allows you to have any and as many colours you want, with detailed definition of your brand logo as well.
We also manufacture bespoke bunting flags and stock bunting flags at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Northampton, UK.
We have a dedicated design studio,with whom you can be sure you will receive a personal and professional service during the process of finalising the detail of your printed paper cups.

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