80mm/90mm Sip Through Lids for 12OZ/16OZ Coffee Cups

*  NOTE: Most Customers ask for “Disposable Coffee Cups with Lids” as a single item, but the Sip Through Lids are sold as separate items, Lids are not part of the standard coffee cup.

Our sip through lids are made of top quality PS materials and are strong, sturdy and long lasting.
See Specifications for further information and sizes.Paper Cups with Lids are the standard order we receive from our clients, which reinforces the fact that these lids are indispensible part of your printed paper cups.


Made of highest quality PE material, and made to fit perfectly with our range of cups.


No spill beverage serving, protects both customers and staff from potential hot beverage injury.



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Q. Which size is for which cup?
A. 80mm/90mm Sip Through Lids for 12OZ/16OZ Coffee Cups
Q. Are the lids Branded?
A. No.