Vending Cups or Promotional Cups are your quintessential ego fix and brand manager. Put some of them with your company logo and brand message near your office coffee vending machine or drinking water machine, and instantly take your brand one notch above your competition.

Vending Cups are nothing but either double wall or single wall cups per requirement.

Vending Cups or Promotional Cups are for your office or exhibitions branding solution, and are the easiest way or having your brand name all over your office without being overly conspicuous. They are either for your coffee machine or the drinking water dispenser for staff and customers. The only difference between a vending cup and the standard disposable coffee cup you see at coffee shops and eateries is that your vending cups are usually smaller than the bigger 16 oz to 8 oz cups, double wall vending cups are usually 8 oz where as single wall vending cups are usually 8 oz an 4 oz in size. Single Wall Paper Cups are the more popular vending cup because its simpler lighter and perfectly suits the office requirement of a quick sip.

PE Coated, vending machine specific sizes available in white, coloured or printed with the vendor or sponsor brand logo.
Vending Cups are a wonderful promotional tool for branded cold and hot drinks, these printed paper cupstypically travel from the vending machine to the office desk and stay there for 5-15 minutes.
Allowing people around and visitors a substantial view of your brand image.



Full Colour Print.
Food Safe Inks.
Can be custom printed up to 8 colours.
Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene(PE) lamination.
Minimum 300 gsm boards used.
Unlimited design options.
provide your own design or we design for you.
Minimum order 1000 cups for 4 oz, 6 oz, 7 oz, 8 oz single wall and 8 oz double wall cups.

6 oz and 7 oz vending cups are the current favourite across Europe, these sizes have all the qualities of a vending cup, they don’t look small, fits all vending machines, and at the same time prevents wastage.


For cold drink vending machines, single wall cups of the 7oz tall size is more popularly used while for hot drink vending machines the short cups are more in use.
The PE coating and the thick high quality board used provides excellent insulation but for better heat insulation if you are serving very hot drinks, you might require cup sleeves or go for Double Wall Cups.
The cups are environment friendly and recyclable.


Check Specifications of 4 oz, 8 oz single wall cups and 8 oz double wall cups in the respective product pages.


Design Template

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Q. What are Vending Cups?
A. Vending Cups are nothing different, they are the smaller of the single wall cups, and essentially, these are the cups you always see at the coffee vending machine or at the drinking water booth at your office. For the purpose of ease of storage, dispensation and usage, 4 oz and 8 oz single wall cups are generally used as Vending Machine Cups, another good reason for that being, if one keeps the large 16 oz coffee cups near a coffee or tea vending machine, the machine would serve only a few people before it needs a refill again, and to put it another way, it would need to many refills per day to be useful to the people it is intended for.
Q. What is the minimum order quantity?
A. Minimum orders start at 500 cups.
Q. Can I print my own design on a cup?
A. Yes you can, following the standard print design procedure.
Q. Is the paper cup food safe?
A. Yes the paper and ink are all food safe.
Q. Are the takeaway coffee cups recyclable?
A. Yes the PE coated takeaway coffee cups are 100% recyclable.
Q. Are these small coffee cups biodegradable?
A. A Standard PE coated cup or sleeve is 99% biodegradable but for 100% biodegradable cold cups, PLA or Bio Plastic coated Cups or Sleeves are the option you have. Please check our Biodegradable Paper Cups portal and request for Biodegradable Paper Cup Quotation.