7 Sensible Reasons your Restaurant has to Buy British Food Packaging: Paper Coffee Cups and Food Containers

Frozen and fresh food boxes. Printed coffee cups. Ice-cream containers. Popcorn boxes. These items make up the wheels of most food vending businesses. Your business will come to a standstill without food packaging.

You need a reliable and trusted supplier for your food packaging. And they could either be domestic or foreign. But wait! Britain is out of the EU. Don’t you think you have to rethink your supplies if you’re importing?

A lot of focus is now on British trade. More customers are saying they’ll buy more British products, even at high prices. Here are more reasons your restaurant may have to buy British food packaging.



Protecting Your Restaurant from Bad Publicity

Change is inescapable. Going by gut feeling when customers expect something different often attracts negative press. The buy British trend is more than a passing wave. It’s here to stay, and it’s also heavily propelled by the events occurring during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, buy British campaigns increased as most businesses were crumbling. Tourism crushed leaving restaurants to rely on only domestic customers. You can bet your domestic customer would expect you to make up for their support. If they have a business, why not buy from them?

With the power of social media today, you would want to observe every trend. An incorrect comment can be damaging, and the modern consumer is often unforgiving. Buying British is a way to appeal to Britons and safeguard your brand reputation.

Supporting Domestic Businesses

A hand that gives receives back. How can domestic business owners give back to communities? If you own a restaurant, buy food packaging from a domestic vendor. Do you run a food store? Engage with local farms and buy more British foods.

Buying British shouldn’t only focus on what you’ll get out of it, for instance, quality products. It’s now a movement to support domestic business and secure livelihoods.

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far wounded many businesses and crippled households. Up to 11, 120 chain store outlets closed in the first half of 2020. Post-Brexit and Post-COVID-19 are opportunities to revive dying businesses. What do Britons expect of your business? Work with domestic suppliers and buy British products.

Safe and Quality Food Packaging

Safe and quality food packaging is becoming a priority as health and the environment drive consumer preferences. Do you know what it means to import food packaging? It increases exposure to the coronavirus and the possibility of low-quality products.

Food packaging is a sensitive industry based on the number of times a product may exchange hands. You have to be sure that your supplier observes the highest health and hygiene protocols. A domestic manufacturer allows you to conduct all the quality checks before ordering.

Quality food packaging is more about the perceptions it sends to your customers. Customers may associate shoddy packaging with an uncaring brand or imported products. You have to send the right message and create unforgettable impressions from the word go.

Keep British People in Jobs

Buying British also has a lot to do with empathy. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a business owner who went into administration. Or try to figure out how the people who lost their jobs during the pandemic are coping.

The UK had lost over 750,000 jobs between March and December 2020. More people risk losing their jobs since the government halted its COVID-19 job retention scheme. 300,000 employees told the Office of National Statics that they are temporarily off work with no pay.

Every time you buy British products, you’re saving several Britons from losing their jobs. You’re also protecting other businesses and glueing the skilled workforce to the economy.

Reap from the Buy British Cycle

If you pick British made products, you will eventually reap from the cycle. You will influence a web of people to focus on British made products. The result will be stronger businesses, better earnings, and improved footfall in your business.

For many years, British manufacturing struggled as demand diverted to imports. While more people are lately embracing British products, exit from the EU could still erode skills. Buying British will enable manufacturers to keep top talents. It will also ensure the sustainable production of quality products.

Strengthen Relationships with Your Customers

British food packaging enables you to deliver your product professionally. It strengthens customer relationships by reassuring customers of quality and sustainable packaging.

Stronger customer relationships usually lead to better sales and higher revenues. The impressions created by food packaging determine whether customers will buy your products. Better food packaging results in returning customers and referrals.

Think for a moment how your customers will feel when they hold your printed paper cups. The Made in the UK label will make them feel they’re getting quality while supporting a British brand. A genuinely high-quality British made product boosts loyalty and builds trust.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The UK faces a massive waste and energy problem. Plastic packaging in the UK contributes to 2.4 million tonnes of waste every year. Not forgetting greenhouse emissions from road transport account for 21% of the UK greenhouse gas emissions.

Finding and buying a list of UK products can protect the planet from further pollution. You will reduce the miles between your business and supplier hence lower emissions. Buying quality UK packaging also results in fewer cheap imports and reduced waste from households.

Climatic change is a harsh reality that every Britons need not assume. Some may argue that their impact is too insignificant. But even the smallest actions can bring tremendous results for future generations. Future generations will notice our careless legacy if we don’t change now.

Want to Work with British Brands or Food Packaging Firm?

“Buy British made products’’ is a call to revive the UK economy. No business is immune to the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit economic repercussions. We can only reduce the tormenting effects by supporting more British businesses. Find 100% British made food packaging products and paper coffee cups here.