Ditching Reusable China Mugs? Here’s Why You Need to Have Your Restaurants Switch to Compostable Paper Cups

Do you use compostable paper cups? With health risks using reusable mugs, you would want an equally sustainable alternative. You would also not want efforts to contain the virus to supersede care for the planet. There has to be some balance. It took a lot of effort having people ditch single-use plastics for sustainable cups. The war […]

9 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Printed Ice Cream Cups

Printed ice cream cups confuse a lot. Manufacturers flooded the market with varieties that make buying toilsome. Identifying quality in a sea of varying options is almost impossible. Everyone claims to sell eco-friendly cups, at unrivalled prices. Yet, promises made never match deliverables. It is like a gamble buying printed ice cream cups. You can […]

Biodegradable Paper Cups, Product’s Safety, and Climatic Change: Is It Safe to Import from China?

What’s the problem with buying Chinese made products, especially biodegradable paper cups? Report after report shows there are serious flaws and gaps in Chinese products. Even amidst Coronavirus pandemic, several European countries rejected “Made in China” equipment designed to tackle the virus.   Spain, Netherlands, and Turkey reported thousands of defective face masks and testing […]