How Europe is working to make plastic fantastic

Plastics are absolutely everywhere. Deeply embedded in the modern life, it is present in every form, ranging from the packaging of our food to toys, from heat-saving insulation in homes to life-saving medical innovations. However, plastics are not being used in an optimum manner. The lifespan of many plastic objects are too short and hence, […]

Printed Paper Cups are more than mere containers, they are to coffee what designer boxes are to cologne

Most of us would think that a coffee cup is just a coffee cup, a paper coffee cup is even more utilitarian, it’s just a to go replacement for the ceramic. But think of it, would you like your coffee in a basic, unassuming poor quality paper cup? would you settle with a paper cup with non uniform rolled edges, or a malformed body? Would you like it plain or pristine ivory white if not well designed and good to look at?