Ditching Reusable China Mugs? Here’s Why You Need to Have Your Restaurants Switch to Compostable Paper Cups

Do you use compostable paper cups? With health risks using reusable mugs, you would want an equally sustainable alternative. You would also not want efforts to contain the virus to supersede care for the planet. There has to be some balance. It took a lot of effort having people ditch single-use plastics for sustainable cups. The war […]

48 hours Express Shipping to Europe

At Scyphus Paper Cups, we have had been catering to Continental Europe for decades now, but never had been the demand so fast growing ever before.The European Coffee Culture is not new, right from the 14th Century Turkish Coffee Houses to the popular Parisian Les Deux Magots, for example, where the likes of Jean Paul Sartre and […]

What’s better than watching your abandoned paper cup sprout magically into a flowering plant?

Imagine a question popping out of nowhere, asking you where you’d be without your morning coffee. Chances are that you’d say, tucked, deep inside your bed, or curled up in front of your desk on a chilly morning. If this situation sounds familiar, and especially during the cold weather, then there are more reasons to […]

Why are so many people blind to paper cups?

It is very important to begin with an improved understanding of the rapid rise in popularity of the greatly under-valued printed paper cups. Hopefully this could help anyone that has an interest in understanding the full potential of this type of product. Especially now when the market is so crowded with advertising messages carried in […]