Why are so many people blind to paper cups?

Printed Paper CupsIt is very important to begin with an improved understanding of the rapid rise in popularity of the greatly under-valued printed paper cups. Hopefully this could help anyone that has an interest in understanding the full potential of this type of product. Especially now when the market is so crowded with advertising messages carried in popular common mediums which intrude a lot on our lives that people tend to be indifferent to most of them.

What Makes Printed Paper Cups So Popular?

The world we live in is an progressively toxic one. Spreading diseases have suddenly taken all our attention. All this during a period when it was believed that technological breakthroughs might have made diseases less of a concern. It has contributed to the popularity of disposable cups, especially paper cups. And with the wide acceptability of paper cups along with their popular use everywhere, printed paper cups have emerged as among the most significant marketing and advertising tools of our time. Consequently, amazing opportunities for marketing and clever branding,that has not yet been fully exploited, have surfaced.

Unfortunately many organisations are yet to wake up to this situation and the doors of opportunity that open every day to help get ahead of the competition using simple printed paper cups. Printed paper cups have the ability to get your message out there for a fraction of what really would cost you a lot when using any other comparable conventional means.

The Fascinating History Of Printed Paper Cups

Yes, it is fascinating how printed paper cups have come such a long way since plain paper cups first appeared in Boston in the united states in 1907. They were first introduced for simple hygienic reasons to help prevent the spread of disease brought on by people sharing drinking glasses. The very first paper cup was called the Dixie cup and it was developed by a Lawrence Luellen who also designed a water vending machine to match it. Though the rise in popularity of the paper cups really hit the roof following the flu epidemic of 1918 since it became extensively recognized that sharing ordinary glasses propagated the spread of germs and disease, some of which were fatal back then. Today several-upgrades-over-the-decaded later, millions of printed paper cups are produced from factories around the globe annually for our use and convenience. Mostly they enable us to conveniently hold the beverages of our choice safely, specially when on the go. They’re also perhaps the most common sight at all sorts of social gatherings and making a lot of sense since they’re easy to dispose of at the end of the party without having to worry about broken glasses or cleaning up and washing multitudes of these.

Printed Paper Cups Are Friendly To The Environment

One more reason printed paper cups have easily won over other available choices is that they can be more non=polluting to the environment than say plastic cups or those made from Styrofoam. This is because paper is biodegradable and easily disintegrates on being exposed to the elements. The same can’t be said for the various other popular options.

What You Must Look Into In Selecting A Printed Paper Cup Supplier

It isn’t surprising than when a business starts getting really crowded like may be the case with printed paper cups it quickly turns into a confusing maze for consumers. It attracts all sorts of characters and knowing who to believe and who not to, gets challenging. It might be impossible to differentiate between the quality suppliers and sly shoddy fly by night operators.
So in this sort of situation what should you consider when seeking quality printed paper cups? Here is a useful list of questions you should ask that will guide you.

• Are quality raw materials used in the production of the printed paper cups?

At Scyphus we only use top quality pristine papers fed into a state of the art manufacturing plant in Northampton, United Kingdom. The resultant products which emerge at the other end are comfortably European quality standard. These items have gained enormous and wide acceptance throughout Europe and beyond that meet and surpass the stringent EU food safety standards. Our in-house standards and policies always insist upon the use of food safe inks in all paper cups.

• Does your supplier really understand printed paper cups advertising?

The devil, as the saying goes, is definitely in the details. Printed paper cups advertising isn’t any exception to the rule. A company’s lack of in-depth knowledge will always inevitably show within the style, approach and quality of advertising artwork designed prepared for clients to go onto printed cups. It also, in addition, impacts on the caliber of advice and consultancy provided to clients who wish to explore printed paper cups advertising to solve some of their most pressing marketing problems.
At Scyphus, backed by our years of experience and reputation , we understand the market so well that our advice and support service to all clients provides them a far greater chance of succeeding.

For example we know that Micro branding works better and cheaper than the regular large format billboards and promotions. A branded cup doesn’t only reach the same spots large expensive billboards will, but its’ penetration will often be considerably more efficient.

Is it any wonder that among the hottest trends out there in recent times has been coffee cup advertising? All advertisers need to do in such cases is utilize a network of coffee service providers and they’re instantly able to access an enormous crowd of prospective customers.


It’s okay to be extremely excited about printed paper cups and what they are able to do for your business or organization. However it is essential that you have the appropriate partner working for you in a manufacturer with extensive worldwide experience. Admittedly there’s a lot that can go wrong if you take up such a serious project with anyone who is inadequately experienced for this task. When you give the nod to Scyphus you choose to take advantage of the expertise, skill and years of experience which has resulted in numerous highly successful campaigns. Additionally, you’ll be choosing the type of quality printed paper cups which will improve your image tremendously instead of downgrading it. In the end we all need an edge within the fiercely competitive market today.