The best of print branding just got better


IMG_0994A printed paper cup is probably the most one on one yet widely visible and vocal brand endorsement options available to all corporations, businesses, dealerships, owners of speciality food and beverage joints and practically all and sundry that wants to promote their brand image at costs only comparable to that of peanuts. More and more marketing agencies are now engaging into focussed personalised marketing campaigns that do not cost a fortune, do not look and feel like grand expensive ways of fooling the customer but has better penetration to individual target audience at much lower cost involvements.

At Scyphus, we think your brand is much better appreciated when it is packaged and presented to your targeted market without unnecessarily unraveling wings of feathers. Getting your brand into the hands of as many potential customers as possible is a wise prerequisite to harness as much loyalty as possible and enjoy the resulting brand endorsement at the personal level.

As one of UK’s best branded paper cup manufacturers, and other print brand marketing tools, we are not only equipped and qualified to make your brand shine up and above your competition, we look forward and are passionate about it.


Despite new modes and methods of content delivery springing up every day, the good old print marketing is still one of the most sought after ways to reach potential customers. And out of all possible print media marketing possibilities, printed paper cups are the most affordable yet deep reaching media available to all, and that is why from being the poor man’s billboard it has now become the most sought after intelligent and personalised marketing tool ever available to brands.


We are a 100% UK printed paper cup manufacturer. The last thing we would do is fetch low quality or non-sustainable logging certified raw material that would end up in low quality products, or get the cups manufactured completely off shore in low cost of production countries and import them to UK. We are not importers of finished products from China, neither are we middle men to Chinese or other low cost markets, we are once again, 100% UK Manufacturers that print and manufacture European Quality and Certified products here in UK in our modern state of the art facility in Northampton.

At our manufacturing plant based out of Northamptonshire, UK, a high class bespoke services mindset guides every curve, every roll and every paper cup finishing procedure. We do not tire to reiterate “It is in our reputation not to import cheap, low quality and counterfeit printed paper cups from China for our European customer base”.


Saving you a pound more makes much more profitable sense to us. Having your own unique paper cups don your colours, logo or clarion call sets you apart from the rest in your field. It is like having your own mini billboards, only that branded paper cups get to where most big-budget billboards would not dare.
While billboards can’t decide whether to leave the outdoors or not, branded paper cups are accessible, attention-grabbing snippets that just can’t escape eyeball from both within and outside your customer homes, and travel a lot with your customer.
You can request a quote from us through our website at your most convenient time. We know you have unique branding and packaging needs from everyone else and strive to consider your unique case accordingly.


Scyphus avails single wall paper cups and double wall paper cups. In addition to those we also manufacture clean, disposable ice cream cups, soup cups and pasta pots, and paper cup sleeves.


If you are looking to serve very hot drinks, our range of double wall paper cups would fit the task’s description. They offer much thicker and better insulation against heat. With the thick cover you might not necessarily need any sleeves with them.

We avail hot cups in 8, 12 and 16 oz sizes, at a minimum of 1000 double wall paper cups. So now you can serve a piece of your brand over a hot cup of coffee and chocolate without fear for unforeseen, spill surprises.
Moreover all our hot cups are made out of extensively tested, and certified food safe inks, with the finished product in full color and available in up to 8 colours with limitless designs – all of which are available for selection from our studio, but you are free to bring in your artwork on board.

If you need a cup for thick and hot drinks, then consider fetching a couple of our double walled, 300 gsm board paper-made options. Scyphus checks to ensure that these are not only less fiery on your hands, but won’t end up having you hospitalised for harmful ink components. 

All our coffee cups can be ordered together with their 80 mm – 90 mm sip through lids.



Single wall paper cups are convenient options for serving both hot and cold drinks. Ours are made out of food grade polyethylene (PE) lamination. In addition to being safe for your health these are good for the environment around you and can be reused after recycling.

You can order a minimum of 1000 cold cups in 8, 12 and 16 oz with lid sleeves and in your own custom-generated design. Cold cups are also available in 4 oz. If you want we could design your single wall cups at our in-house studio. The options are endless.



We just upgraded out Northamptonshire factory machinery to better, faster and more efficiently serve your packaging needs. With our new installations, the promise to deliver fast is not a far-fetched idea.
We understand that timing is a crucial part of any business or personal branding strategy, and delivering these versatile, yet highly targeted marketing tools on schedule can more than triple your chances of making a sale, winning the affection of customers and colleges alike.
You might agree that the fact you’d need your printed paper cup consignment manufactured fast doesn’t mean letting little shortcomings filter through to the final cups. We test our cups religiously to ensure the paperback we use is certified food grade, easily disposable and even easier for recycling.


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Feel free to print any of our pages, submit your unique artwork and let us help become more visible, and ultimately help you to rise above your bottomline.